About Speaker

Self Introduction

I would be remiss if I did not practice what I preach. My professional journey is a case in point. I am a textile and fashion industry veteran with a strong background in the international management of product development. I was able to take that passion forward with my current Mumbai based employer- Swaraaj Fashions Pvt. Ltd.; a company that manufactures and exports motorcycle riding outerwear in USA/Europe.

During my 15 + years tenure with Swaraaj, I strategically handled business /product development, operations and human relations. Still, it is the human resource aspect that captivates me.

I took these gleanings and together with an entrepreneur friend Swati, launched an independent e-commerce company – Aditi Trends. This venture which designs, manufactures and distributes Indian Fashion & Accessories nationwide taps into 2 Key potential powerhouses : The Digital Marketplace & more importantly, Women Empowerment.

My Journey

Who doesn’t seek a ‘formula’ for success?  The ’quest of sorts’ led me to distil the wisdom of the ages into simple yet effective mind power activation tools. They say, “What goes around comes around”- in today’s day and age, we need a lot of goodness going around. It is my personal dream that each person becomes the best that they can be. I am living testament to the efficacy of my beliefs.

Of course, the strength of affirmative thinking is not a new concept. But in the current Indian context it is perhaps the most overlooked – until recently and I am keen to be part of that change.

My journey has got me to where I am today, my experiences have taught me the unseen and unnoticed aspects. The research of 20 years of self-experimentation and closely working with few individuals further lead me to study on the Topic ‘Law of Attraction’ & it’s segments.

What I Offer

I train individuals through a series of ‘interactive mind training sessions’ focused on endowing an individual with the power of positive thinking.  Through my own research and experience of 20 years in conditioning belief system, behavioural tendencies, attitudes, integrity related challenges, personal effectiveness, aligned decision making

I have designed a modular mindset training program, These workshops are targeted to help anyone productively pursue their goals, assert their identity, redefine self-imposed boundaries and create a win-win mentality.  Essentially, I help a person unleash their latent mental prowess so that he/she is able to confidently author his/her own reality.

I can change the “Can I?” into “I can!

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