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Behind the formation of ‘Bountiful Universe’

The name ‘Bountiful Universe’ perfectly resonates to the fact that there is ABUNDANCE in the Universe for each one of us, it’s just a matter of realisation towards this transformation.

Life is just a purposeful action

What we offer?


Affirmations Audios

‘Affirmations’ a known and proven technique, effectively plants thoughts and desires at the subconscious level. An affirmation is an assertion…Know More »

Meditation Audios

Bring the practice of mindfulness into your daily life with these researched and tested guided meditation recordings, ranging…Know More »

Training Courses

We offer powerful Online Training programs on various segments of ‘Law of Attraction’ with personal online support to our participants.Know More »

Personal Digital Coaching

We offer online personal coaching, conducted by the founder herself Vrinda Acharya who shall guide you on each step of the transformation…Know More »


  • Founder of ‘Vrinda Acharya’
  • Founder of ‘Bountiful Universe’
  • Law of Attraction Certified Coach
  • Manifestation Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Reiki Level II Practioner
  • Ho’oponopono Practioner

My life quotes :

  • Unleash the Power of Miracles
  • You are the Creator of your Reality
  • Your mind is the most powerful being, know the ways to manifest your dreams

My Mission : Empower each individual to become the best that they can !

Click to know my ‘Journey’ and what I ‘Intend’ to bring to you all through ‘Bountiful Universe’

Bountiful Universe

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