Affirmations Audios

Bountiful Universe wishes all an enriched and a Happy life, our Subliminal affirmation audios are blessed with positive vibes and are made for the highest good for all.

Free of Cost Audios – Click on below links for Listening to the Audios. Details related to Subliminal Audios and content of each topic is well described under each audio. Follow the instructions religiously to get quick results, continue to listen until results are derived.

  1. Attract money/Prosperity/Abundance
  2. Heal your Relationship with your partner
  3. Attract your Soulmate/Partner
  4. Get Success in Business and Entrepreneurship
  5. Be a successful entrepreneur/Get a successful entrepreneur mind-set
  6. Get a healthy body/Improve your Immune System/Improve your Well-being

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  • Mention the clear and specific requirements in about 100 words
  • Mention the contact details in the email so that we can get back to you incase of any additional details

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